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Our New Website!

Shortly we will be launching our new website for 2015 and onwards. All of the information available on this temporary site will be available on the new one, along with a feed of our upcoming concerts, an area for news updates, and a full fledged photo gallery with up-to-date pictures of the band in rehearsal, concert and contest! Stand by...


Welcome to Auckland City Brass! We are a community brass group that rehearses in Three Kings, Auckland at The Old Pumphouse, on Monday evenings. We frequently perform for community events, as well as in "play outs"/concerts that we hold at our band rooms several times a year.

We have some exciting new plans heading into 2015 and the future, and to this effect our website is currently undergoing a redesign. In the interim, you can find contact details below, as well as links to our active Facebook and Twitter pages. Enjoy! :)

Bandsmen for Hire

Aside from our community contributions, Auckland City Brass offers a variety of services, including:

  1. Small brass groups (quintets/sextets) for private functions or other purposes.
  2. A full brass band for performance at celebrations or other larger functions.
  3. Marching in parades or ceremonies.
  4. ... And many other things at your request!

If you are looking for a brass band or smaller brass group for any reason, feel free to contact us below for a quote.

Rehearsal Times

Auckland City Brass has several different groups that rehearse on Mondays. Rehearsal times for ACB groups are:

For details on the Youth Programme groups (Junior and Youth Bands), please contact Tane McLeay on 027 848 3851.


We can be reached initially via either email or standard post. For the fastest response, please ensure you provide a correct return email address and/or phone number.

Our contact details are:


Alternatively, you may contact us by sending mail to:

Auckland City Brass
PO Box 27 469
Mt Roskill
Auckland 1440

We look forward to hearing from you!


Auckland City Brass maintains an "open door" policy for people wishing to come along to play or listen (or both)! To become a member, you should be over 15 years of age, and able to play music of a difficulty roughly equivalent to Grade 5 (or better). We are a friendly and culturally diverse group, and all are welcome.

To get more information and access to some sample music to play through on your instrument of choice (before you come along), please contact our Musical Director, John Gluyas on 021 752 175.