“A Long, Long, Long Way To Tipperary!”

At the crack of dawn on a summer morning in 2014, a small and daring group of Auckland City Brass band members set out across town. Our destination? O’Connell Street in downtown Auckland. We were about to participate in, what was for most of us, our first film shoot!

After a long morning of make up and costuming, a short way from the set, a significantly sharper-looking group of 1914-era soldiers were ready to perform in what must be one of Auckland City Brass’ most unique gigs since the early 1900s! Joined by a large group of extras, we congregated on Shortland Street, instruments and a copy of “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary” in hand, and marched.

It was a hard day – though not as hard, one might imagine, as it may have been for the real military marching bands of the time! For what must have been around five hours, we marched up O’Connell Street, every time improving upon the last, learning the topology of the street in exquisite detail. More detail, in fact, than any of us ever could have imagined!


ACB members after participating in filming for TVNZ’s “When We Go To War” miniseries.
Alas, when the shoot wrapped up, we had amassed a fair number of unique and whacky photos, some awesome memories, and an experience of true show business (or movie business, as the case may be). The film that the shoot was for, is “When We Go To War”, a TV miniseries produced by TVNZ, which aired to coincide with ANZAC Day 2015.

For those of us in ACB, the march to Tipperary that day was, indeed, very long. But the hard work paid off! Below is a snippet of the scene. You can also see it in “When We Go To War”, available on TVNZ OnDemand.